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===Chronological order===
===Chronological order===
*[[Narrative Structure (Discussion)]]
*[[Narrative Structure (Discussion)]]
*[[Building Narrative (Discussion)]]
*[[Mise-en-Scene (Discussion)]]
*[[Mise-en-Scene (Discussion)]]
*[[Style and the Camera (Discussion)]]
*[[Style and the Camera (Discussion)]]

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TCF 311 Critical Studies in Television is a discussion-oriented course taught by Jeremy Butler.

Course objectives

The online syllabus is over here (Fall 2008):


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Chronological order

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Study groups

TCF311 Group 1

  • Christy Abercrombie
  • Bethany Andrews
  • Jonathan Barge
  • Graham Carpenter
  • Chuck Chapleau
  • Marissa De Anda

TCF311 Group 2

  • Corey Craft
  • Mitch DeAnda
  • Matthew Glasscock
  • Nic Gulas
  • Katie Hallman

TCF311 Group 3

  • Brian Hubble
  • Ben Kallam
  • Amanda Killen
  • Crystal Kohl
  • Meghann Manson
  • Christy McGee

TCF311 Group 4

  • Laura Oswalt
  • Nathan Phillips
  • Andrew Richardson
  • Rayven Tirado
  • Erin Williams

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