JCM311 Critical Studies in Television

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TCF 311 Critical Studies in Television is a discussion-oriented course taught by Jeremy Butler.

Course objectives

The online syllabus is over here (Fall 2011):


Online study guides

Chronological order

List of discussion notes

Category:TCF311 Discussion

Study groups

Group 1

  • Daniel Barnes
  • Morgan Bruffy
  • Branna Burns
  • Caitlin Corsetti
  • Brian DeLuca

Group 2

  • Jeff Edstrom
  • Brett (Tyler) French
  • Lena Hardy
  • Lauren Jacobs
  • Jason Kitt

Group 3

  • Camille Johnson
  • Drew Kendall
  • Aysha Labon
  • Seth Lawlor
  • Brittany McMellon

Group 4

  • Ben Mitchell
  • Katie Steck
  • Alyssa Thomas
  • Lindsey White
  • Wesley Wyatt

Texts & resources


  • Jeremy G. Butler, Television: Critical Methods and Applications, Third Edition (Mahweh, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, 2007). See the companion Website at TVCrit.com.

Articles and book chapters