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Each student will create a short comic performance to be presented during the final exam period, Wednesday, 12/7, 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Approximately five minutes each--no more than 10 minutes. Worth 10 points.

Performances could be:

  1. A prepared funny story (a la stand-up comedy). Turn in a printed copy (200 words minimum), although you can ad lib during the performance.
  2. A screenplay (perform as a table read) for a single scene. It can be a spec script for an existing TV comedy, fan fiction, or an original work.
  3. A narrative video or PowerPoint slide show.
    • New option: Record three actors reading the Seinfeld scene we reenacted. Create a video slideshow using that recording and the class' still images from the single-camera reenactment (see UA Box for the images).
  4. A narrative song (can be a parody or take-off).
  5. A fake autobiography (a la "contributors notes" by Michael Martone; minimum 300 words).
    • Create your own on your Screenpedia page. At least one image must be included.
    • See Dr. Butler's fake autobiography (although yours does not have to be that long).

Two students may work on the screenplay or video together.

If you have public-speaking anxiety, consult with Dr. Butler for an alternative way to submit your work.

Performance order

Alphabetized based on the fifth character in your email address:

  1. Ava
  2. Zachary
  3. Sam
  4. Josh
  5. Archi
  6. Marguerite
  7. Intermission
  8. Kate
  9. Gardner
  10. Mayeth
  11. Logan