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Screenpedia is a wiki site for film and television studies. Among other things, it supports Lecture/discussion notes for classes.

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Screenpedia originated on a server at the Telecommunication and Film Department, the University of Alabama. The TCF Department also formally hosted:

  • ScreenSite -- A site to facilitate the teaching and research of film/TV/new media, designed principally for educators and students.
  • ScreenLex -- A pronunciation guide for film/TV students. ScreenLex contains key phrases and people's names from the disciplines of film studies and television studies. Optionally available as a podcast.
  • Screen-L -- An email discussion group for anyone studying film and/or television.
  • Shot Logger -- A gallery of frame captures (individual frames from films and TV programs) and a database of editing statistics.
  • Laugh Logger -- A fork of Shot Logger that contains a database of laughtrack statistics.

All of these services are now hosted on private servers.

Screenpedia's copyright policy adheres to the Creative Commons "Attribution 4.0 International" license. To view a copy of this license, visit