TCF340/Analytical Exercise (Discussion)

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  1. How does the mise-en-scene of the scene between Vincent and Alice function in terms of the narrative?
  2. Diagram all of this scene's camera and actor positions from an overhead view. Does its editing adhere to the 180 degree system?
  3. How does the cinematography of the single shot indicated in class (see below) function in terms of the narrative?
  4. Explain in your own words what the concept of "sound perspective" means and how it might be manipulated by a director and his/her sound editor.
  5. What is the central narrative enigma of My Other Husband? Comparing the film's beginning and ending, how is that enigma posed to the viewer and is it resolved or not at the end?
  6. How do the story time and the screen time of My Other Husband differ in order and duration?



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