Editing: Multiple Camera Mode (Discussion)

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Multiple camera vs. single camera

Multiple-Camera Production: All My Children

  1. What is the difference between the two modes of production?
    • What is it about these two scenes from soap operas that mark them as multiple-camera productions?
    • Similarly, how can you tell that this The New Adventures of Old Christine episode, “Ritchie Scores” (8 January 2007) is a multiple-camera sitcom?
      • See video clip (password: telestylistics).
      • All Groups: List at least three multiple-camera aspects of the scene that it shares with the As the World Turns and All My Children examples.
  2. In which situations is single camera preferred? In which is multiple camera preferred?
    • All Groups: List at least two examples of each.
  3. All Groups: List four single-camera TV shows and four multiple-camera shows, but don't use the examples in the textbook.
    • Single camera:
    • Multiple camera:

Multiple-camera exercise: "The Contest," Seinfeld, October 26, 1992

  • Pretend you are director Tom Cherones and map out the camera positions for this scene. Where would you cut? Which camera-position would you use for each shot?

Seinfeld set miniature by Charles Brogdon.


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