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Stuff I constantly have to look up. These tips are based on Wikipedia usage. Some may not work on Screenpedia.




For Interwiki links, use shortcuts based on a prefix. E.g., the prefixes Wikipedia and Wiktionary may be used thus:

Here's a few other prefixes and the URL they call up:

  • Google =$1
  • GoogleGroups =$1
  • WikiPedia =$1
  • Wiktionary =$1
  • Wikiquote =$1

Style guides


Wikipedia:Vanity guidelines

Shortcuts: WP:VAIN or WP:VANITY

Writing style

Wikipedia:Manual of Style


Wikipedia:Policies and guidelines

Things to avoid

Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not

External links policy

Wikipedia:External links

Shortcut: [[WP:EL]]


Wikipedia:Avoid trivia sections in articles

Shortcut: [[WP:TRIV]]

Template: {{Template:Trivia}} =

    This article contains a trivia section.
 Content in this section should be integrated into 
 other appropriate areas of the article or removed, 
 and the trivia section removed.

Punctuation and quotation marks

English Wikipedia prefers the British style of punctuation (aka, "logical" quotation). See this section of the Manual of Style: MOS:INOROUT.


Wikipedia:Requests for arbitration


Multiple issues

{{Article issues}} =

       This article or section has multiple issues. Please help improve 
       the article or discuss these issues on the talk page.

Template:Article issues comes with a pre-fab example listing all the improvement

Needs an expert

{{Expert}} =

       This article is in need of attention from an expert on the subject.
       Please help recruit one, or improve this page yourself if you can.

Needs references

{{Citation needed|{{subst:DATE}}}} =

       [citation needed] (date appended as a tooltip)

{{Citation needed|reason=Your explanation here|{{subst:DATE}}}} =

       [citation needed] (reason and date appended as a tooltip)

{{unreferenced}} =

       This article does not cite its references or sources. You can help 
       Wikipedia by including appropriate citations.

{{Primarysources}} =

       This article does not cite sources or references that appear in a 
       credible publication and are not primary sources, such as websites and 
       publications affiliated with the subject of the article. You can help 
       Wikipedia by including appropriate citations.

{{subst:Fact-now}} =

      [citation needed]  (also includes the date)

Dead link/Link rot

{{Dead link|date=February 2017}} (optional: include the date) =

      [dead link]

Links to Wikipedia:Link rot

There is also a bot that'll scan a page for link rot and amend the link with a pointer to the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine. Add a page to be scanned by IAbot to this Web form.


This is the preferred tag, with an appropriate date added. Shortcut: WP:CU

{{cleanup|date=May 2008}} =

       This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.
       Please improve this article if you can. (May 2008)

Other clean-up tags are also available:


Such as:

{{copyedit}} =

       This article or section needs copy editing for proper spelling,
       grammar, usage, tone, style, and voice.
       You can help by editing it now. A guide is available, 
       as is general editing help.

and {{cleanup-laundryrack}} =

       It has been suggested that this list should be changed into a table 
       format to meet Wikipedia's quality standards.
       This list may be better presented as a table. Please help improve 
       this list, prune it, or discuss it on the talk page.

which is similar to {{Examplefarm}} =

       This article or section seems to contain too many examples 
       (or of a poor quality) for an encyclopedia entry.
       Lists of examples in articles should be of limited size, not
       exhaustive lists, and should contain only pertinent examples.

Here's the old, basic tag:

{{cleanup}} =

       This article needs to be cleaned up to conform to a higher standard of quality.
       See How to Edit and Style and How-to for help, or this article's talk page.

Neutral PoV

{{POV-check}} =

       This article may not conform to the neutral point of view policy.
       A Wikipedian has nominated this article to be checked for its 
       neutrality. Discussion of this nomination can be found on the talk page.
       POV-check be added to an article which you feel needs to be edited for 
       neutrality. However, it is generally preferred that you use the 
       neutrality dispute template:

{{NPOV}} =

       The neutrality of this article is disputed.
       Please see discussion on the talk page.

Film stub


Further info:

Category:Film stubs

Television stub


Further info:

Category:Television stubs

Magazine & Journal stub


Generic stub



Current policy recommends against spoiler tags: Wikipedia:Spoiler (shortcut: WP:SPOILER).

{{spoiler}} =

       Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

{{Endspoiler}} =

       Spoilers end here.

Too much plot

{{plot|date=May 2009}} =

       The plot summary in this article is too long or detailed compared to 
       the rest of the content. Please edit the article to focus on discussing 
       the work rather than merely reiterating the plot.


{{plot|section|date=May 2009}}

Not enough plot

{{More plot|date=July 2013}} =

       This article needs an improved plot summary. (July 2013)


{{More plot|section|date=May 2009}}

IMDb links

{{imdb title|id=|title=}}

Explained here: Wikipedia:IMDb

Infobox Film

Explained here: Template:Infobox Film

{{Infobox Film | name = 
  | image = 
  | caption =
  | director = 
  | producer = 
  | writer = 
  | starring =
  | music =
  | cinematography =
  | editing =
  | distributor = 
  | released = 
  | runtime = 
  | language = 
  | budget = 
  | preceded_by =
  | followed_by = 
  | imdb_id = 

Infobox musical artist

Explained here: Template:Infobox musical artist
Syntax (for band; individual musician is different):

{{Infobox musical artist
| name            = 
| image           = 
| alt             = 
| caption         = 
| image_size      = 
| landscape       = <!-- yes, if wide image, otherwise leave blank -->
| background      = **Mandatory** Use one: group_or_band, cover_band, classical_ensemble, or temporary
| alias           = 
| origin          = 
| genre           = 
| years_active    = <!-- {{start date|YYYY}}–{{end date|YYYY}} (or –present) -->
| label           = 
| associated_acts = 
| url             = <!-- {{URL|}} -->
| current_members = 
| past_members    = 

Television series infobox

Explained here: Template:Infobox television

{{Infobox Television
| show_name            = 
| image                = 
| caption              = 
| format               = 
| camera               = 
| picture_format       = 
| audio_format         = 
| runtime              = 
| creator              = 
| developer            = 
| producer             = 
| executive_producer   = 
| starring             = 
| narrated             = 
| theme_music_composer = 
| opentheme            = 
| endtheme             = 
| country              = 
| language             = 
| network              = 
| first_aired          = 
| last_aired           = 
| num_episodes         = 
| list_episodes        =
| chronology           = 
| preceded_by          = 
| followed_by          = 
| website              = 
| imdb_id              = 
| tv_com_id            = 


{{ otheruses4|topic|other topic|location }} =

   This article is about topic. For other topic, see location.

For more info, see Wikipedia:Template messages/General.


{{ subst:unsigned | user name or IP | time, date }} =

   —Preceding unsigned comment added by user name (talk • contribs) 
   time, date

For more info, see Template:Unsigned.

Fan Site

{{Fansite|date=August 2008}}

   This article or section resembles a fansite.

How to add pronunciations

Full instructions are here. And automated IPA transcriptions are here.



Talk page header

{{talkheader}} =

This is the talk page for discussing changes to the BLANK article.

   * This is not a forum for general discussion about BLANK.
   * Please sign your posts by typing ~~~~ (four tildes).
   * Place new comments after existing ones (but within topic sections).
   * Separate topic sections with ==A descriptive header==.
   * New to Wikipedia? Welcome! Frequently Asked Questions.

Talk page guidelines

   * Respect etiquette
   * Assume good faith
   * No personal attacks
   * Be nice
   * Don't bite the newbies

Other Mark-Up

InterWiki linking

To link from, e.g., Screenpedia to Wikipedia without full URL:


To remove "wikipedia" from the link, use the pipe:


See Interwiki data on Screenpedia's special pages.


To add a page to a category:

[[Category:Category name]]

To list a category instead (note extra colon):

[[:Category:Category name]]

Common abbreviations

A list of abbreviations commonly used in the edit-summary description: Wikipedia:Edit summary legend. Summarized here: Wikipedia:Edit summary legend/Quick reference.

Citing references


{{Book reference}} replaced by {{cite book}}, February 2006. See Template talk:Cite book for more info.

Short version:

{{cite book
 | last = 
 | first = 
 | authorlink = 
 | coauthors = 
 | year = 
 | title = 
 | publisher = 
 | location = 
 | id = 

Long version:

 | last =
 | first =
 | author-link =
 | last2 =
 | first2 =
 | author2-link =
 | title =
 | place =
 | publisher =
 | series =
 | volume =
 | orig-year =
 | year =
 | month=
 | edition =
 | chapter =
 | chapter-url =
 | page =
 | pages =
 | language =
 | url =
 | archive-url =
 | archive-date =
 | doi =
 | id =
 | isbn =
 | mr =
 | zbl =
 | jfm = }}
{{cite journal
 | first = 
 | last = 
 | authorlink = 
 | coauthors = 
 | year = 
 | month = 
 | title = '''REQUIRED'''
 | journal = 
 | volume = 
 | issue = 
 | pages = 
 | id = 
 | url = 
{{cite web
 | url =
 | title =
 | last =
 | first =
 | date =
 | website =
 | publisher =
 | access-date =
 | quote = }}

For more info, see Wikipedia:Citing sources and Wikipedia:Template messages/Sources of articles.


According to Wikipedia:Footnotes
  • To make a single use footnote:
    • <ref>text of note</ref> at the in-text place.
  • To make a multiple use footnote:
    • <ref name="foo">text of note</ref> at each in-text place. (Quotation marks are only required for names of more than one word.)
      • Alternatively <ref name="foo" /> A self-closing tag on every use after name="foo" has been defined.
  • To add a References section to the end of the article
    • Preferred: <references/> under the References heading, or
    • {{reflist}} under the References heading.

Further info:



To redirect a page (1) to a different page (2), enter on the top of page 1:

	#REDIRECT [[NAME OF PAGE 2]] {{R from alternate name}}
	#REDIRECT [[NAME OF PAGE 2]] {{R from misspelling}}
	#REDIRECT [[NAME OF PAGE 2]] {{R for alternate capitalisation}}

Further info:



    {{merge|OTHER PAGE}}
    {{mergefrom|SOURCE PAGE}}
    {{mergeto|DESTINATION PAGE}}

Further info:



Further info:


Candidates for speedy deletion

Non-admins can ask for an admin to delete a page, either by listing it on speedy deletions, or by adding a {{deletebecause|Reason}} or a {{Db-reason|Reason}} header.

Authors can use speedy-delete on their own pages.

Further info:


Vandalism warning templates

  • {{subst:test}} or {{subst:test1}}
Thanks for experimenting with Wikipedia. Your test worked, 
and has been reverted or removed. Please use the sandbox for any 
other tests you want to do. Take a look at the welcome page if 
you would like to learn more about contributing to our encyclopedia.
  • {{subst:test2}}
Please stop adding nonsense to Wikipedia. It is considered 
vandalism. If you would like to experiment, use the sandbox. 
Thank you.
  • {{subst:test2a}} (a variant suitable for blanking vandalism)
Please stop removing content from Wikipedia; it is considered 
vandalism. If you want to experiment, please use the sandbox. 
Thank you.
  • {{subst:test3}}
Please stop. If you continue to vandalize pages, you will be 
blocked from editing Wikipedia.
  • {{subst:test4}}
This is your last warning. The next time you vandalize a page, 
you will be blocked from editing Wikipedia
  • {{subst:test5}}
You have been temporarily blocked from editing for vandalism of
Wikipedia. Please note that page blanking, addition of random text, 
deliberate misinformation, and repeated and blatant violation of 
WP:NPOV are considered vandalism. If you wish to make useful 
contributions, you may come back after the block expires.

Further info: Wikipedia:Vandalism

To insert an image in an article:


For example:


Limited options are available for positioning the image: Wikipedia:Extended image syntax.

Gallery tag allows responsive image embedding and you can set the HEIGHTS of the images: Template:Pre2 results in:

Gallery template: Template:Pre2 Template:Gallery

More info:

Wikipedia:Picture tutorial

Images and Fair Use

Wikipedia policies regarding fair use can be found here: Wikipedia:Non-free content. For example, it does not approve of images in television episode lists or screenshots to identify actors.

Fair use comment to insert in article:

<!-- FAIR USE of IMAGENAME.jpg: see image description page at for rationale -->

Template: Rationale for fair use to insert in image description:

The template {{Non-free media rationale}} facilitates creating a rationale with the necessary components.

{{Non-free media rationale
| Description=
| Article=
| Source=
| Portion=
| Low_resolution=
| Purpose=
| Replaceability=
| other_information=

other_information is optional and can be left out.

For example:

== Summary ==
{{Non-free media rationale 
| Description = Screenshot from "Ratatouille" trailer depicting Remy controlling Linguini
| Article = Ratatouille
| Source = Screenshot from "Ratatouille" trailer
| Portion = Single screenshot
| Low_resolution = 640px
| Purpose = Identification of characters, key plot element
| Replaceability = No free replacement; no images of characters or 
plot element available outside of trailer at present
| other_information = }}

== Licensing ==
{{Non-free film screenshot}}

Film screenshot tag to insert in image description:

{{Non-free film screenshot}}

TV screenshot tag to insert in image description:

{{Non-free television screenshot}}

Publicity or promo photo tag to insert in image description:

Template:Tl—for publicity photographs of people or events, such as headshots or posed shots, from a press kit. See Wikipedia:Publicity photos.

Template:Tl—for poster images of reduced quality.

Other stuff to add to Image Description page

Wikipedia:Image description page

"Clearing" below an image with CSS

<br style="clear: both;">